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Blacknet Australia are official Australian importers of the world famous Blacknet portable replacement basketball net created by

How it use Blacknet…

Blacknet installation is easy. Firstly, holding the Blacknet, lower a ball into the net, adjust the clip, aim and shoot. Once in place, the Blacknet can withstand the rigours of the game, including slam-dunks and hanging from the rim. Finally, to remove the Blacknet, throw a basketball through the bottom of the net to knock it out.

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Blacknet Australia – official Australian importers of Blacknet

Tired of playing at the local park with no net? Missing the “Swish” in your game? We got you. On and off in seconds. No poles or ladders. No climbing, hanging or boosting. Your feet never leave the ground. Blacknet, the world’s first portable replacement basketball net now available locally and shipping across the region and beyond.

Blacknet was developed in Toronto, Canada. After years in the making, Blacknet was launched and has been an instant hit with serious ballers, and those that just like to have fun. Unsurprisingly, Blacknets can now be seen on courts around the globe.

So how did the Blacknet arrive in Australia? The founders bought their first Blacknet in mid-2020 and have subsequently used it around the public parks of Sydney, from Alexandria to Naremburn, Pyrmont to Moore Park. It wasn’t long before they were being stopped mid-game by inquisitive ballers asking them where they got such an amazing product – in fact it happened so frequently that they simply had to start importing them to satisfy the demand! So don’t delay, add a Blacknet to your cart today!

Blacknet Australia is a 100% Australian family-owned business. They’ve sold Blacknets to customers from every state and territory in Australia and to all corners of the globe. As a matter of fact, they’ve shipped to Greece, Italy, the UK, China, Mexico, New Zealand and even to Iceland!

Blacknet now available in Australia!

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