Do you have a question about the Blacknet portable basketball net that’s not answered here? Check out the official Blacknet.net FAQ or contact our local Australian-based team. You can do this via our Contact Us form, via the chat option at the bottom of the page or by calling 0478 224 999.

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Who is Blacknet.net.au?

Blacknet.net.au is an Australian based official importer and reseller of Blacknets. We buy these portable basketball nets in bulk from Blacknet.net and resell them locally. This reduces the costs of shipping individual units from Canada and means we can sell them locally at a reasonable price. In addition, we can provide local support to our fellow Blacknet users. We were initially just huge fans of the product but people kept asking us about our Blacknet so we decided to start Blacknet.net.au.

How do you ship the Blacknet portable basketball net to me?

We use a number of shipping options to get your Blacknet out to you as quickly as possible. If you’re in central Sydney we often deliver them ourselves straight to your door. (It’s always fun meeting our fellow Blacknet users!) Additionally, we use Australia Post or Sendle to ship to the rest of Australia. We also to ship to most other countries worldwide.

When we ship via a 3rd party we always use a rigid, custom-size cardboard box to ensure the Blacknet arrives in pristine condition. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with those poor quality counterfeit options you may have seen being sold elsewhere. Not only are these products made with lightweight, fragile plastic and use thin, low quality nets, but they often squash the product into a smaller package to reduce its overall volume to attempt to save on shipping fees. This results in an out of shape and ill-fitting product that just won’t last.

Put simply; if it’s not being sold by an official Blacknet importer, it’s not a legitimate Blacknet.

You also get an instructional comic and spare net clips with every Blacknet purchase.

Can I pickup my Blacknet portable basketball net from you in Sydney?

Local pickups from our Pyrmont depot can be arranged. Please select the Local Pickup option during checkout and we will be in touch to confirm a pickup date and time.

Why do Blacknets cost less on Blacknet.net?

The primary reason for the price difference between the Canadian Blacknet.net site and the Australian Blacknet.net.au site is the exorbitant international shipping costs for an item of this unusual size and weight. The current (Nov 2023) cost to ship one Blacknet from Canada to Australia is between $97 & $138!

Whilst shipping Blacknets in bulk reduces this cost per item, we do still have to incorporate the expense into our local price. We also have to account for import duties, GST and exchange rates. We’ve been working hard to minimise our bulk shipping costs to ensure buying from the Australian site is significantly better-priced overall than anywhere else!

What is your Refund and Returns policy? Can I return my Blacknet to you?

Our Refund and Returns policy is available on our website here. The checkout process also asks you to review and accept these terms. In short, yes you can return your Blacknet to us if required.

Delivery team boxing up the Blacknet portable basketball net

How do I find out more about the Blacknet portable basketball net itself?

The Blacknet creators have a great FAQ on their website which can be accessed at Blacknet.net/pages/faq. Their YouTube channel: Blacknet.net YouTube also has some great instructional videos.