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The World’s First Portable Replacement Basketball Net. Blacknet is here direct from Canada! Tired of playing at the local park with no net? Missing the “Swish” in your game? We got you. On and off in seconds. No poles or ladders. No climbing, hanging or boosting. Your feet never leave the ground. Made for serious Ballers and those that just like to have fun.

What is Blacknet?

Developed over many years and countless prototypes, Blacknet is a revolutionary product. The world’s first portable replacement basketball net enhances your game by solving the problem of the park, gym or school basketball court that has no net. The Blacknet inventor says it well: “Having net is critical to the dynamic and the flow of the game, as it interrupts the path of the ball. The unique, patent-pending design of Blacknet enables street-ball players to up their game, ensuring they will always hear the sought-after swish”.

In addition, we’ve tested it ourselves on many courts across Sydney and now we never play without it.  In fact, we loved Blacknet so much we started importing them in bulk direct from Canada. It’s so easy to put on and to take off. To install it, all you have to do is make a shot. To uninstall it, you just throw the ball up through the bottom of the net.

What’s Included?

Included with your purchase is the Blacknet itself as well as an awesome instructional comic “X-Facta” and some spare net clips. X-Facta tells you all you need to know about the operation and care of your Blacknet.

Want to Know More?

See our FAQ for more details including local shipping info, refunds & returns and more. In addition, the manufacturers FAQ has detailed product info and their YouTube channel also has some great content.

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions56 × 52 × 6 cm

Original (Black), Pro (Orange+White)

6 reviews for Blacknet

  1. frostie2911

    These guys are SO good to deal with, I purchased and had my Blacknet delivered on THE SAME DAY! They are local to Sydney and great to purchase from, if you’re looking for a Blacknet buy from them today.

    [Received via eBay feedback]

  2. Naggas

    The Blacknet is an amazing product that just works! We purchased our Blacknets (yes we got two – one for each end of the court!) in mid 2020 and have used them ever since at lots of Sydney basketball courts including:

    – Alexandria Park Basketball Court at Alexandria Park
    – Artarmon Basketball Court at Naremburn Park
    – Broadway Outdoor Basketball Court near Basketball Federation Australia
    – Centennial Parklands Basketball Court at Moore Park
    – Pyrmont Basketball Court at Maybanke Recreation Centre

    The Blacknet fits well on all the rings at these courts. Even on those rings that are non-standard you just have to re-adjust it every now and then so it rests back into the ring. Anyone who’s played basketball without a net knows how frustrating it is, how often the ball rolls away and how much more satisfying it is to hear your shot swish! The Blacknet gives you all this and more. It’s super durable and because you take it off after playing it doesn’t get weathered by the sun and rain like a net that’s permanently attached.

    Full disclosure: we loved the product so much and had so many people ask us where we got them that we got in contact with in Canada and started importing them ourselves – which is how came to be!

  3. erik.sunshine

    Great seller,fast delivery,professional service, highly recommend.✅✅✅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    [Received via eBay feedback]

  4. Tobias S

    Hi mark,
    Just got my blacknet today and just got back from hoopin with it. OMFG it’s amazing. I appreciate you and your work bringing this to Australia. This is a long time dream from childhood fulfilled. You doing Gods work with this one bro.

    Much respect bros.


    [Received via email]

  5. James P

    My net arrived today. Thanks so much for getting it to me within 24 hrs – I’m impressed!

    [Received via chat]

  6. Ariel Kincler

    Greatest invention ever created. Huge hit across Melbourne Australia where the councils build beautiful courts but leave the rims empty in perpetuity. Keep up the great work guys.

    [Received via Google Business review]

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